Bob Coleman (mandingo) wrote in thelist,
Bob Coleman


[19:59] unsays: hello
[19:59] Corinthian: Who is this?
[19:59] unsays: you are on my buddy list from forever ago.
[20:00] Corinthian: That doesn't really tell me who you are though.
[20:00] unsays: so i am trying to figure it out. a wizard press chat person from like... 9 yrs ago?
[20:00] Corinthian: That would be me.
[20:01] Corinthian: Who were you in Wizard Press?
[20:01] unsays: i'm amanda, and i think youre bob, right?
[20:01] Corinthian: Ah, yes. That would be me, and I remember you.
[20:01] unsays: so many things. i was 14 or something.
[20:01] Corinthian: It was a long time ago, for sure.
[20:01] unsays: meatcabnt might ring the most bells.
[20:01] Corinthian: Yep, I remember you!@
[20:02] Corinthian: Creamylung too, I think.
[20:02] unsays: ha, yes.
[20:02] Corinthian: Very classy.
[20:02] unsays: totally
[20:02] Corinthian: Not that I was much better, but it's kind of funny to look at in retrospect.
[20:02] unsays: i know it's weird and perhaps pointless to IM folks of yore, but i figured you might be up for it
[20:03] Corinthian: Eh, I'm just watching a bad movie and randomly surfing the web at the moment.
[20:03] unsays: plus a dude with the same screen name form so long ago...? he'd remember, i bet.
[20:04] unsays: which movie?
[20:05] Corinthian: Commando. It is on AMC. One of Schwarzanagger's worst/best.
[20:05] unsays: how are you doing this holiday eve?
[20:06] Corinthian: I'm doing okay. I've had better day-before-thanksgivings, but I've probably had worse too. I'm happy there's no work tomorrow, but it doesn't look like there will be a real family dinner this year on either side, and that is a little disappointing.
[20:07] Corinthian: And you?>
[20:09] unsays: similar position, i suppose. we're actually eating out this time around. i think it's even a buffet... unheard of!
[20:09] unsays: what do you do?
[20:09] unsays: for a living, that is (if i may ask)
[20:10] Corinthian: I work as a vault teller at a bank. It isn't all that prestigious, but I own my own house and make enough money to live comfortably, so I am not entirely unhappy with it.
[20:11] unsays: i've never been one to be driven by prestige. sounds like your priorities are just about right.
[20:11] unsays: i quit my job just yesterday, actually.
[20:11] unsays: that was the official last day, anyway.
[20:12] Corinthian: Wow. Were you just unhappy with it, or were you going to do something different?
[20:14] unsays: i dont think it was a rash decision, but aloy of people probably wouldn't have minded the job. i just never was to settle in, i guess... needed a (permanent) breather.
[20:14] unsays: i am a bit rusty with the typing, as you may notice
[20:15] Corinthian: No worries. What did do you?
[20:17] unsays: office shit. i worked for a company that makes supplemental curicculum for public schools. i basically printed and put the materials together and shipped it off, etc. unchallenging, god awful-boring but decently paying.
[20:19] Corinthian: I can see that. I can also see where it might grate on you after a while.
[20:19] unsays: have you kept in touch with any of our old friends?
[20:20] Corinthian: Sure. I talk to most of them on a semi-regular basis.
[20:21] unsays: that's interesting... for some reason i've been thinking about the people i used to talk so much to.
[20:22] unsays: probably cause i spent my formative years engulfed in chat
[20:22] unsays: which was pretty enjoyable for the most part, i must say
[20:22] Corinthian: Yep. As did I, really. There are many beliefs I hold dear that I probably credit to learning or at least developing through that chat.
[20:25] unsays: yeah, i haven't really come across a network of brilliant, hilarious and accepting people quite like you guys in the years since
[20:26] unsays: so, i saw your name and figured i'd extend a greeting. you were always an amiable chap
[20:27] Corinthian: It is true. I was voted "most likely to be amiable" in my high school yerabook.
[20:29] Corinthian: I really can't remember the last time I talked with you, honestly. You left extremely quickly and without warning, and you came back once or twice over the span of a few years, and that was really it.
[20:32] unsays: yeah, it's been years n' years. i got the feeling back then that i may have been wearing thin on a few "alphas," but of course my memory is vague. that could have been why i shrunk off.
[20:32] Corinthian: It is possible. I don't really remember.
[20:35] unsays: thanks for chatting it up with me a bit, bob. i'll drop by in another decade... sound good?
[20:36] Corinthian: Works for me!
[20:36] unsays: i guess i was just poking you with a stick... "is he alive???"
[20:36] unsays: anyway, see ya.. happy non-feasting tomorrow!
[20:36] Corinthian: Haha. I am alive! Same to you. Don't be a stranger.
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If you speak to her again, get her email addy. I rarely use AIM so that isn't really an option. But she's on that list of people from those days I'd like to offer up an apology to. I think I was the "alpha" that chased her off. Bad mojo...